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Tuesday, 16-Sep-2008 15:37 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Handy Manny Handy Dady..

Our Handy Dady
with the friendly tools..
final move- ketuk jangan tak ketuk..
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so they said anwar's gona tople the govt today.. so far 16th sept is almost over and nothing happen pun... well, we just wait and see.. and not stop praying that ALLAH keep showering us all in Msia with his blessings, regardless of who's governing the country.. jangan sampai ALLAH murka and turunkan bala and kite jadi macam Bosnia.. wake up people!!

anyway, just to update those fans of my fotopages out there (ceh.. mcm ramai.. bole kira dgn jari daa.. ), we didnt have much to do over the weekend.. i'd say it's a relaxing weekend la.. but 1 particular event that i want to hi-lite is dady's getting his hands dirty to fix our sink-cabinet in our bathroom.. cabinet tu dah lama senget mcm nak roboh pun.. tapi being me yg suka procrastinate and x reti nak membebel to huby, so i biar je la it stayed senget for so long.. i guess finally dady 'bebulu mata' and had some free time over the weekend (i did say we had a relaxing weekend rite.. ), took the initiative to betulkan the sink... and not just that, tukar water hose to toilet bowl yg dah leaking too... wow.. what a productive and quality weekend.. thanks dady.. u r now our official handy-man.. kido may want to switch his interest of watching the ASTRO's show Handy Manny to watching HandyDady at work instead... hehe..

Tuesday, 9-Sep-2008 23:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
welcome HASHIM aijaz safin..

welcome Aijaz...
me having a 'baby therapy' :-)
son is afraid of losing mumy's attention..
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we are blessed with a new addition into the family.. no not my baby.. not yet.. hehe.. anyway, Hashim Aijaz Safin was born today at 4.30pm @Ampang Puteri Hospital, just like his other cousins.. all are AP borners. we jus love the hospital..

aijaz is the 2nd son to my younger brother, hazree.. congrats bro!! take gud care of your family yea.. so, meet my new nephew HASHIM AIJAZ SAFIN = "A generous miracle blessing".. the name HASHIM was chosen sempena nama my late dad.. may this new hashim brings us much joy and love into our life too, after losing our beloved dad, HASHIM SAFIN in april.... i remember a very dear friend once told me "with every loss there will be a gain".. maybe he's right.

njoy the pixies.. looking at babies are always a good therapy by itself.. soon i hope it will be my turn to have another baby.. ameen..

~we miss u abah.. wish u're here to celebrate the joy.. well,u might not be here with us but i still feel your unconditional love is surrounding us as always..it lives in my heart for sure~

Saturday, 6-Sep-2008 16:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
and the SURPRISE..

the bday cake..
the more excited kido..
notice the lil baby? ..ur always be my baby.. ;-)
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so as promised to dady, we did the surprise bday treat for him on friday when he came back from surau after terawikh..

the pixies are self-explanatory..

dady, hope you like ryan's lil surprise from his BIG heart... and u'd better like the gift too- specially delivered to you from jb.. can you believe they're outta stock of the item in the whole of KL.. fuh!! so now you can record as much sports show as you like, especially when USC is playing their great american football games.. have fun with your latest toy dady!!

Wednesday, 3-Sep-2008 23:08 Email | Share | | Bookmark
happy birthday dady!!

meet d bday boy.. :-)
it's dady's birthday today.. we didn't expect him to still be at home till sahur this morning.. so no celebration was planned.. but we did go out last nite while people went for terawikh to get him some slices of cake.. when i told son not to tell dady about the cakes when dady comes home, ryan's response was "kite surprise dady?".. i didn't mention 'surprise' to him, did i? but he's so smart.. i don't know where he learned the word 'surprise' from la... anyway, by the time dady reached home, son had already fallen asleep.. so the 'surpise' had to be delayed till weekend ni since dady left this morning after sahur..

so dady, remember to pretend that you're surprised when we give you the birthday cake this weekend.. and like i said you can claim your birthday gift, and whateve it is that your heart desire, from us this weekend...

to dady again:

Happy birthday... i'd like to always remember you as a cute lil boy who loves 'dakduk' - the term u used for rocking horse... (see pixies- these are the pixies your late mom 1st showed me the 1st time you took me home to see her...)

remember, wherever she is right now, mama would have wanted you to be happy.. only you know what happiness means to you.. go get it..

here's for you from me :

Real love takes more than flowers,
means more than beautiful words.
Real love means keeping promises...
holding on when you don’t want to,
being strong so that others may rest.
And as time and change swirl around us,
the love we share
stands quietly in the midst of our lives,
forever beautiful,
forever real.

Happy Birthday.. to the man I love...
"I did & still do.." my love may not be forever beautiful but it is FOREVER REAL...

...nevertheless, sometimes love just ain't enough...hmm..

Wednesday, 20-Aug-2008 01:57 Email | Share | | Bookmark
20.08.2008 nice date.. me@Hyatt Kuantan-my favorite..

up close n personal..
happy smiley faces.. esp for 1st time swimmers.. :-)
oooppss... i'm ok..i'm ok..
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i'm at hyatt kuantan now.. been here since yesterday.. son came to drop me off with my cousin's family.. they left this morning.. just sharing some pictures i took of them swimming at the pool. hyatt has a very nice pool and beach here.. that's why this has been 1 of my fav hotels ever.. and i've brought ryan quite a number of times too- well i try to take him wherever i go... at least he gets the idea that no matter how busy mumy is working, he still has a space in my hectic schedule.. that's important i believe..
so as a result, ryan too has grown too love this place so much.. so just sharing some pixies that i took yesterday and some from our few previous visits.. oh ryan's swimming buddies are our cousins- some of them had their 1st time experience swimming in the pool (maklumla kami semua orang kampung ) so i could 'actually smell' their excitement throught their stay here with me.. i'm glad i had the chance to let them experience this... i just wanna do good and make people happy whenever i can..

well, i think u can 'smell' from my writing that i'm not really in a jolly good mood.. yeap.. a bit down even son's almost every-3-4hours-call-to-mumy today didn't manage to get rid of these 'feelings' inside.. something is not right.. but this is not a right forum to share.. sori.. anyway, just enjoy the pixies for now..all were taken @hyatt regency resort, kuantan.. annnnnd i'll be back.. hopefully..

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